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In my review of Glide Natural Feel Lube, I mentioned getting a bunch of lube samples from my local sex shop for spending $69.69, and Simply Aqua Jelle was one of those samples. Honestly, I was excited to receive a Wicked sample, I’ve been seeing them everywhere lately, and it was only a matter of time before I tried them, so it was fate that brought us together. Without further ado, here’s my review of Wicked’s Simply Aqua Jelle.

Price & Product Details

Wicked Simply Aqua Jelle Front and Back

Wicked Simply Aqua Jelle retails at $17.99 for a 4oz bottle. 

Right on the front of the packaging, Simply Aqua Jelle claims to be a clean and simple water-based lube, and it lives up to it by being glycerin (can cause yeast infections), propylene (can cause skin irritation), and paraben (may cause cancer)  free. It’s also certified cruelty free, little bunny badge and all, making it vegan! 

If you turn it over and look at the back, you can see the little bunny badge I talked about, along with other information on the product. The claims on the back are easily bullet-pointed; thus, you immediately know what this Jelle is supposed to do. It states that the Jelle is: long-lasting, never sticky, easy to clean, and ultra-thick, among other things. 

The Overview

When trying out Wicked Simply Aqua Jelle, I wanted to make sure I tried it in multiple situations to see if it held up. I used it for a handjob, fingering, and vaginal penetration. It still amazes me that I managed to do all this with the only 3ml of lube, but I guess that speaks for the product. 


Wicked Simply Aqua Jelle close up of product

One of the first tests I put it through was just a normal handjob. I found the application process to be trouble-free because of its thick texture. It stayed on my partner’s cock and didn’t drip off onto the sheets like less dense lubes. I also realized that the Jelle formula seemed to create a silky coating over my partner’s penis, which allowed my hand to slide quickly and effortlessly when stroking. Sadly, the Jelle is short-lived, I set a timer, and the product began to get tacky after about 2 minutes. This is normal for water-based lubricants; therefore, I won’t fault it, but when it said long-lasting, I was hoping for a bit more. But like with any water-based lube, simply rewet it, with a few drops of water or spit, and it springs back to life! 


A handjob led to a blow-job, and let me tell you: I’m not a huge fan of the taste. For me, it tastes rather bitter and sour. My partner, on the other hand, has no issue with the taste, so this is just a matter of opinion. If you’re like me and aren’t a fan of tangy, here’s your warning. 

But even with that warning, the taste is a sign that the product is natural and body-safe. When a lube is sweet, there’s a good chance it contains that nasty glycerin chemical, but when it’s bitter, it’s usual glycerin free. 

Vaginal Penetration 

Rubbing Simply Aqua Jelle

As for the other two tests, Simply Aqua Jelle blew them out of the water. When it came to penetration, it felt as if there was a river flowing from my vagina. And when I say a river, I mean it! It usually takes me a bit of time to get wet naturally, but with Simply Aqua Jelle, I can easily fit anything inside me with ease. As a matter of fact, it worked so well that at some point, my boyfriend had to hold me tight to avoid slipping out. 


When all was said and done, I found myself skeptical about if the Jelle was going to wipe off as easily as it claims on the package. Since I didn’t plan on showering after sex, I merely wet a paper towel, wiped the product off, and hoped for the best. And what do you know, it not only wiped off quickly and painlessly, it left my skin feeling soft and smooth.


Though I’m not in the market for a new lube unless it has some sort of gimmick, I enjoyed my time using Wicked Simply Aqua Jelle. The Jelle performs as any water-based lube would, minus all the bad chemicals. It stays slippery and sleek during vaginal penetration, has a cruelty free seal, and is safe to use with all toys! Hence, if you’re looking for a lubricant that is gentle on the skin and has clean ingredients, I recommend Simply Aqua Jelle.

Note: I’ve never tried anal, so I wasn’t sure where to put this in the review, so here it is. The package does say “great for anal,” but  I wouldn’t recommend using any water-based lubes for anal. Why? Because they are known for drying rather quickly. For anal, I would recommend something long-lasting like coconut oil.

Buy Wicked Simply Aqua Jelle at WickedSensualCare.com


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