Sex & Mischief Sportsheets 7″ Feather Tickler – Review  

While trying Sportsheets’ 7” Feather Tickler, my partner and I almost had our genitals clawed up by the cat. Laughing both in fear and amusement, I got up and kicked kitty out long enough for us to try the product and give it a review! 

Pricing and Product Details

floating sportsheets 7" feather tickler

Sportsheets’ 7” Feather Tickler retails at $5.99 on their website, plus calculated shipping. I paid $9.99 at my local sex shop, which I would say is a fair price for the product. The feather is a turkey feather, while the body of the product is oh so body-safe ABS plastic. 

It measures 7-inches, not including the feathers, and 13 inches, including the feathers. The feathers alone measure about 4 inches at the longest. I know those measurements seem not to add up, but it’s because I did not include the bulb that holds the feathers in the feather’s measurements. 

There isn’t much to say about the packaging of the product, because well there isn’t any. Sportsheets’ Feather Tickler comes as is, with nothing but a tag to identify it. 

Learning how to use it

When operating Sportsheets’ 7” Feather Tickler, I’ll admit I had no clue how to use it. At first, I just awkwardly brushed it like a paintbrush on my partner back and forth, applying various levels of pressure. My method, needless to say, didn’t feel all that great for him; that is also when my kitty started death glaring at the feather dancing over my partner’s penis.  After that, we ended the session until we stopped giggling. 

During our intermission, I decided to look up some tips on using a feather tickler. Turns out if you don’t fling the thing around, like an angry conductor, but instead use soft light motions, it feels pretty damn good. So much so that when it was my turn, my partner pouted and asked for five more minutes, and honestly, I can’t blame him. 

The Overview

Sportsheets’ 7” Feather Tickler blew my expectations out of the water. When I first bought this product, I assumed that the build quality would be ok and that the feather would be rough, like those cheap Halloween store boas. I’m delighted to say I was wrong. The feather is gratifyingly soft and doesn’t itch when being ran along the skin. As for the build quality, it holds up! To test this, I reluctantly took all the feathers in my hand and pulled. And what do you know, they didn’t even wiggle out of place, so unless you’re trying to rip it apart, it seems it will last. 

I also found myself appreciating the size of not only the rod but of the feather. The rod seems to fall into that sweet spot of not too short and not too long. I find this makes it very diverse when it comes to play because I can be up close and personal with my partner, or I can tickle him from afar, and neither feels uncomfortable to do.

As for the feather’s size, it’s size makes it perfect for targeting a specific area, as opposed to a bigger feather that would cover more grounds. Being my first feather tickler, I think it’s an extraordinary size for beginners.  The size allows you to target a specific part of your partner’s body and gives you a lot of control over where you are. I find this is an ideal size for someone like me who wasn’t sure if I would like the sensation. 


It turns out my cat was right; this toy is worth her excitement and mine. I find myself still thinking about it throughout the day, and I’m anxiously waiting to try it again. Sportsheets’ 7” Feather Tickler is extraordinarily fun,  no matter what end of the stick you’re on. It’s cheap, well-made, fun to use and beginner-friendly, because of this I highly recommend this product. 

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