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Last week I ran into Adam and Eve to get ScreamingO’s Ohare XL Cockring; to my dismay, they didn’t have it in stock. Knowing I couldn’t possibly live without a pink O’hare on my partner, I took to the internet. Never having ordered from before, I was reluctant, and the lack of reviews on them solidified it. So, to save you from the same fate, I decided to put together my review of my shopping experience at


Considering that ScreamingO’s website mostly carries their brand, the quantity is impressive. From cock rings to vibrators, they have it all! I can’t speak for the quality of every product, having only tried two; however, what I have used has been durable. I will say the variety is basic, nothing you wouldn’t see in other places, there are a couple of unique toys, but overall it is stuff you’ve seen before (no BDSM items here).  

Shipping & Tracking

Shipping prices will depend on location; though if you spend over $40 domestically, the shipping is free! It’s also impressively fast my item was ordered on January 14th and shipped out by January 15th. 

When it comes to keeping in contact about your order, they do the bare minimum, which is preferred! No spam or jumping through hoops. When you order from, they send a confirmation, and a your item has shipped email; with a tracking number. As far as I can tell, they don’t sign you up for a newsletter; you buy your item, get it shipped, and done (if that changes, I will update this review).

Are they really discrete?

A couple of months ago, in my review of, I mentioned how my partner’s grandma got the mail; well, guess what happened again? Except for this time, she came to the door, handed him the package, and his mom queried. 

“Aww, whatcha get?”

Looking down at the package and then back upstairs at me, their eyes grew wide. My heart skipped a beat, thinking of what the box could say. Still not completely sure of what was in the package, I thought fast and blamed my lover’s addiction. Handing me the package, my nerves calmed. Main Momentum Management LLC read the shipping label. So, yes, they are discrete! In addition to not putting their name on the label, the charge also shows up as Bushman/Product Bushman. 


So, far so good. My order from is everything and more. The shipping was fast, the product came quickly, and they kept their word; it was discrete and labeled as they stated. So would I order from them again? Absolutely.  

Shop today at


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