Ohare XL – Review

ScreamingO Pink Ohare XL cockring  against silver sparkle background

If you have read my review of the classic Ohare, you know that it is my dream toy, and you also know that I vowed to get an XL in pink. Well, I planned to get a Rechargeable XL in pink; however, that got lost in translation, and my lover accidentally ended up getting the battery-operated Ohare XL. Regardless, it was a size issue, so it really didn’t matter. 

Pricing & Product Details

The Ohare XL, though bigger than the traditional Ohare, will not cost you any extra. It costs an affordable $24.95! If you buy it directly from the ScreamingO website, the shipping is free on orders of $40 or more; otherwise, it’s calculated based on location.

The Ohare XL is 100% body-safe and uses x3 LR44/AG13 batteries. And before you roll your eyes (like I would), they do provide you with two sets of batteries (one set installed), giving you about 80 minutes of playtime total. Oh, and this toy is waterproof. I tested it myself by submerging it in a bowl of water for a few minutes, and it came out working perfectly!

As for the size, the outer larger ring measures 2-inches while the smaller ring measures 1.5 inches. The material is super stretchy and should be accommodating for most sizes. 

The Overview

Well, I opened the package, and that’s all it took to make my partner hard. I turned to grab the lube, and by the time I turned around, it was on. Honestly, I can only be impressed by both my lover and the product’s ability to stretch over their penis flawlessly. 

To add to my good first impression, my partner relayed to me that this ring is exceptionally comfortable. The vibrations are good for me but could be stronger for them. The beauty of the Ohare classic and XL is you really can just pop in your favorite bullet if you want to; just make sure it’s the right size (about 2-inches long).

Am I drooling? Probably. This rabbit is orgasmic, and I don’t mean that in a cutesy way. Even without the vibrations, I find myself loving it. The ears are in an ideal position to stimulate my clit from just the normal grinding movements; when you pair it with the vibrations, I could scream. The Ohare XL invited me to say hello, to hand-free orgasms, and goodbye to cramped fingers. 

Comparing to Ohare Classic

Before the Ohare XL, my partner was constricting their penis for the sake of pleasure, which in the right light will always turn them on; however, hard, throbbing, sore cock isn’t always the mood of the room. So, for a more relaxed mood, they wanted a more relaxed fit, and the Ohare XL gave my lover just that. 

The Ohare XL is bigger, stretchier, and smoother than the Ohare Classic. When you look at the inside ring of the Ohare Classic, you can see the bumps and grooves that make the constriction around the penis tighter. The Ohare XL gets rid of these along with opting for a smaller stretchier band. So, much so that it can be put on without lube (though I wouldn’t recommend it)! 


It’s a toy where everyone wins. It vibrates the cock, causes raging boners, stimulates the vagina, and rubs the clit. The Classic Ohare has been our go-to toy, and now it’s only replaced by a larger version of itself. Needless to say, I love this fucking thing. If I could give one to everyone with a clit, I would because who’s to say you can’t put it on a vibrator? 

Buy your own Ohare XL at ScreamingO.com (No Longer Avaliable).


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