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Over the past weekend, I’ve been having clit throbbing dreams of a rabbit cock ring. The other morning I woke up ravaging my partner; that is when I realized I couldn’t wait any longer. I got up on my knees and asked, “Daddy, can I get a Rabbit Cock Ring?” Tiredly smirking and raising an eyebrow, they drove us down to our local Adam & Eve, where I forgot my ID and waited in the car for them to come back. My lovey didn’t disappoint when they came out with ScreamingO’s Ohare Rabbit vibrating cock ring. 

Pricing & Product Details 

At my local Adam & Eve sex shop, we paid $29.99 plus tax for the Ohare, though if you buy directly from the company, it’s $24.95.

Shipping will vary in price based on location, and they state that it also ships 100% discreet, meaning there’s no need to worry about others finding out what it is. 

The cock ring is packaged in translucent plastic, showing off the Ohare, along with some quick bullet point facts written on the box such as it’s waterproof and lasts 45+ minutes. It comes with 3 AG13/LR44 batteries already installed as well as an extra set! (my favorite addition.)

Ohare Batteries

The Ohare’s body is 100% silicone, and the bullet is plastic. The bottom ring that wraps around the balls has a self-measured diameter of 2-inches. As for the other ring, it has a diameter of about 1.125-inches. 

Note: It may be too tight. My boyfriend has a 5.5-inch girth and enjoys the squeeze though he says, “it might be too tight for some.” They do have an XL size, which solves this potential issue.

As always, I tested the product myself and found the waterproof claim to be accurate. I ran the toy underwater for a few minutes, and it’s still working good as new. When testing the battery life, I set the Ohare on high and ran a timer. I got a total use time of around 40 minutes, only 5 minutes off from the company’s claim. 

The Overview

Huffing and puffing on my way home, annoyed by my own negligence, I sneered, “It was pink in my dream.” Then after a dangerous glare and some much-needed discipline, we finally got around to using the Ohare, and what can I say, except WOW! 

One of the first things I love about this product is that it stays in place. Being fairly new to cock rings, my partner and I have limited experiences to reference; however, in the past, we found that they tended to slip off. This issue is virtually non-existent with the Ohare; even on it’s highest vibration, it stays in place. To quote my lover, “it never felt insecure.”  And to add to that, the vibrations are amazing. 

The bullet has 4 vibration settings; low, medium, high, and pulse. I never care for pulse settings; therefore, I won’t judge it. As for the other 3, I found them to be phenomenal. They were all strong enough to twitch the bunny ears, which results in them lightly brushing my pussy lips and clit making it hard not to cum. 

To be honest, my only issue with this product is the lack of clarification of its waterproof feature. I find that waterproof can mean a variety of things to different companies, so it would be nice if they were more specific.


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ScreamingO’s Ohare rabbit cock ring is, by far, one of my favorite sex toys, so much so that I plan to buy the rechargeable XL next. This toy is two for the price of one, it’s a great cock ring that fits snug and secure, but also does an amazing job at turning your partner, as they said, into a rabbit vibrator. Every moment my partner and I spend using this is joyous; therefore, I highly recommend adding this toy to your collection.

Buy the Ohare over at ScreamingO’s website.

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