Debunking Sex Myths 

Myths, by definition, are untrue beliefs that many hold, and there are tons of them out there, especially when it comes to the taboo topic of sex. Sexual myths are everywhere, sometimes they are painted as facts, but I’m here to break it to you; they aren’t.

Sexual myths are just that, myths, no truth, no science, just hearsay, and false facts. And, you know what? That makes me want to pull my hair out, it makes me want to scream, but most of all, it makes me want to write an article to debunk some of the most believed sex myths. Oh, and here it is!

Getting Hard or Wet = Arousal

If you consume erotic media, there’s a good chance you have come in contact with the phrases, “I’m so wet” and “I’m so hard” to describe the level of arousal of a person. Too bad neither of those are reliable indicators of arousal because arousal non-concordance. 

Arousal non-concordance is the occurrence of when the genitals are not ready for sex, and the brain is, or vice versa. Because of this phenomenon, “hard “ and “wet’ are not trustworthy indicators for arousal. 

What can be trustworthy, are the words out of your partner’s mouth. Instead of assuming by their junk, ask them if they are ready. 

Vaginas Get “Loose” from Overuse

The age-old myth that vaginas get loose from penetration has to go. This myth is harmful, sex-negative, and just flat-out scientifically incorrect. 

The vagina is built to stretch. Its anatomical makeup includes elastic fibers that literally allow the organ to stretch, contort, and return to its original shape. What this means is, having a lot of penetrative sex will not cause the vagina to stretch out permanently

There are only two things known to loosen the vagina; a drop in estrogen, usually as a result of menopause, and natural childbirth, which can be traumatic for the body. 

That extra large dildo? It’s not going to do anything, go for it!

Vaginal Orgasms Are Common

The myths about vaginal orgasms being the “default” are obsolete and incorrect. I don’t care what erotica, porn, or Sigmund Freud has said about vaginal orgasms; they are uncommon! 

Statistics show that only between 18%-30% of vagina havers experience an orgasm through vaginal penetration alone. This means that for 70%-82% of vagina owners pounding the hole alone won’t bring them to ecstasy, and some extra stimulation to the clit might be necessary. 

If you’re feeling extra adventurous, why not skip the old “in and out” altogether and try one of the other 6 known ways to make a person orgasm?

Final Thoughts

I’m not a fan of sexual myths, I think most of them have a toxic effect on our social community. A majority of the myths I’ve come in contact with have stemmed from shame and guilt or have induced these emotions in people. 

Assuming the body is always sexually concordant with the mind causes people to shame their bodies when it is not cooperating with their sexual wants. 

Having a “loose” vagina is usually used to shame females for being promiscuous. And, thinking that default orgasms are vaginal (internal) makes the majority of vaginas havers “wrong” and “unable to do the ‘normal’ thing” which can cause a lot of emotional turmoil for them. 

Let us just agree to drop the sexual myths and start learning about one another’s sexual likes.


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